Benefits of the Register

The Register benefits many members of the community

  • Locals
  • Carers / Family Members
  • Emergency Services
  • GP / Medical
  • Volunteers


  • Peace of mind and improved wellbeing knowing that someone will look out for you in a personal emergency
  • Reassurance for your family and friends located outside the Bellarine Peninsula
  • Free service
  • You provide the details, so only what you choose to share goes on the Register

Carers/family & friends

  • Peace of mind, knowing that if the registrant is unable to provide their personal information, police can assist by accessing the Register
  • Sense of wellbeing and security in knowing that a Register volunteer will call a registrant, if requested, for a care check
  • Greater independence, allowing registrants to stay in their homes for longer
  • Improved connection to the local community through care calls, newsletter and other communications

Emergency Services

  • Fast access to a registrant’s personal details in an emergency when the person is unable to provide this themselves due to being ill or unconscious
  • Police can access the database through the Bellarine police station

Medical Practitioners

A support service they can offer to vulnerable or isolated patients to improve their safety and wellbeing

Local Community

Connection and support by locals for people in their community


Promoting these benefits

  • Register volunteers are happy to present on the benefits of the Register to your group or organisation and to answer any questions
  • Medical and health practitioners are encouraged to advise their patients of the Register’s benefits – the Register can provide brochures on request by calling 5255 3968


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