Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to join the Register?

No. It is free.

Am I old enough to join the Register?

Our Register is not just for older Bellarine residents. It covers residents who feel vulnerable or isolated. This could mean people who live alone, or whose family or close friends live a long distance away. Or it could be a person who is a carer for someone who is disabled or temporarily incapacitated. Or it could be a person who is disabled and lives independently.

What are some of the benefits to me of being on the Register?

There are many benefits. If, for example, you collapse anywhere, police can access the Register for next of kin and medical contact information so that you can get faster treatment. Also, if the Register indicates you have a dependent person or animal in your home, arrangements can be made to take care of them until you recover.

I do not want some members of my family to be contacted in the event of a personal emergency. How can I be sure this will not occur?

The Register only accepts information provided or approved by you. This means that, in the event of a personal emergency, the only people contacted would be people chosen by you.

Is the data on the Register secure?

Yes. The information on the Register is secure. It is housed at the Bellarine Police Station in Ocean Grove, and accessible by police only. Data input to the Register is done by volunteers who must complete a regular police check and sign a confidentiality agreement.